Monthly Specials

March - Parasite Prevention 

 As the weather warms up the bugs come back. Fleas and ticks are not only a nuisance and downright disgusting, they also carry a number of diseases that can debilitate and harm your pet.  Many of these diseases can also infect people and lead to serious illness, so keeping fleas and ticks away is extremely important for everyone’s health and safety!  As with so many health issues, prevention is the best medicine.  

We have multiple options to protect your pets from parasites including topical treatment applied monthly (Vectra 3D) as well as an oral chewable options (Bravecto) that is given once every three months and (Credelio) that is given monthly. 

**Free product or cash back rebates available with purchase of 6 month supply**  

 Depending on you and your pets lifestyle we can determine which will be best


Monthly Specials 

Check back for specific details each month!

January – Weight loss and obesity prevention

February – Dental month

March – Parasite prevention

April – Heartworm awareness, testing and prevention

May – Many thanks in May 

June – Have we seen your cat lately?

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October – Dental month and Costume Contest 

November – Arthritis awareness and treatment specials

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