The thought of your pet requiring anesthesia and undergoing a surgical procedure can be very stressful for an owner.  Whether your pet is coming in for a routine procedure such as a spay, neuter or a dental cleaning, or something much more involved, we strive to alleviate your stress and your pets discomfort. Your pet’s comfort and safety while in our care is our highest priority.

At Chalco Hills Animal Hospital, we tailor the anesthetic protocol to the unique needs of your pet and use a multi-modal approach to pain control which includes different types of pain medication, before, during and after your pets procedure.  While under anesthesia we continually monitor your pets heart rate, breathing and temperature with advanced monitoring equipment as well as a Licensed Veterinary Technician who is by your pets side throughout the entire procedure.

Some of the surgical procedures we commonly perform include:

   Dental cleaning and extractions

   Spaying, Neutering and Declawing

   Surgical removal of lumps or masses

   Correction of entropion and “Cherry Eye”

   Cystotomy, a surgical procedure to remove stones from the bladder

   Abdominal exploratory and removal of foreign bodies

We want you and your pet to be comfortable and feel at ease during every visit, especially if it involves anesthesia or surgery.  Please feel free to ask questions at any time before, during and after your pets procedure.  When you choose Chalco Hills Animal Hospital, you can rest assured that your pet will receive the highest quality of care.