Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic and Laboratory Services

Diagnostics and laboratory tests are very important when working to obtain a complete picture of your pets health.  Without these advanced tools, it can be difficult to fully assess your pet as they are unable to tell us when they are hurt or feeling ill.

If a concern or potential ailment is discovered during a wellness exam, we will often recommend further diagnostics to help us accurately diagnose your pet's condition.  We know that complicated test results can be difficult for owners to understand, and we always ensure plenty of time to discuss these findings and answer any questions or concerns that you may have. 

We utilize the following equipment and services: dogresources.png

In-House Laboratory:  Our in-house lab equipment allows us to perform CBCs (Complete Blood Count), comprehensive chemistries (checks liver and kidney values, blood sugar, electrolytes, etc.), urinalysis, fecal parasite screenings, viral tests and microscopic exams. 

Reference Laboratory:  Chalco Hills Animal Hospital has a close working relationship with the Abaxis Veterinary Reference Lab, this allows us to send out samples for specialized testing and we often have results within 24-48 hours.

Radiology Department:  Radiographs (X-rays) help us diagnose many potential health problems, including fractured bones, dislocated joints, the identification of foreign bodies in the digestive tract, heart and lung disease, internal masses, stones in the urinary tract and other abnormalities.